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Garden landscaping

- garden landscaping
- park landscaping
- garden, park planning


amenajari gradini curtiAutomatic irrigation system

IRRITROL solves the problem of the regular watering comfortably automatic irrigation system.


amenajari gradini bucurestiGarden, park  maintenance

Without the proper garden maintenance after a time the garden gets ruined!


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Planning Garden, Park

The planning is made up of two parts:

1.    Hard landscape:proiectare gradini, amenajare gradini
• the frame of the project, basis informations,  based on what the project is made
• the demolation of the land to different parts
• finalized placement plan

2.    Soft  landscape:
• 2D,3D project
The selection of the plants according to the next criteria:
• environment
• form
• color
• blooming period
The perfect place for the plants and the automatic irrigation system is placed  - based on the next factors:
• survey of environmental factorsamenajari gradini, proiectare
• based on requirements

The final project will include the successors:
• the definitive drawing of the garden after the end of the horticultural works
• the position plan of the flowers, in the blooming period
• the proiect of the irrigation system
• iluminating draft
• the detailed maintenance of the flowers
• description of the workflow
Smaller or bigger problems may rise on  the course of the workflow, anything is  solvable.
The project could be remade, if the client would like to change something meanwhile.